Sunday, August 21, 2011


Well, I suppose that everyone who rides bikes for enough years is going to experience a cracked frame. I cracked a steel road bike frame years ago. However, my latest bike purchase, a Lynskey Ridgeline 29SL, was the last frame I figured I'd crack. I've had it since April 2010 and although I have around 3k miles on it, I didn't expect to find it cracked. I was cleaning it up yesterday after a ride and if I weren't so anal about keeping the bike clean, I probably wouldn't have seen it. Right behind the BB, but forward of the brace between the chainstays was a small crack. Kind of an odd place for a crack but judging by the location and appearance, I'd tend to believe there was some sort of weld occlusion that created a stress concentration. I've dropped Lynskey an email with pics so we'll see what they say. By the way, I think they make a great product and don't think anything less of them based on this. I'm hoping they can turn the repair around quickly and in the mean time, I'll spend some miles on the road bike.

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