Thursday, March 31, 2016

Middle Fingers, Pussy, and Angriness

Well, it’s been a while since my last blog post so I figured I’ve done enough silliness over the last few months that I’d blog a bit…you know…like if anyone actually cares…
It's the cat that makes me angry...

As of today, the first 3 months of 2016 are over and looking back on them as well as the final few months of 2015, there were a few highlights…and lowlights so to speak.

The AES fall race “season” got off to a great start with Kentucky Camp.  Some stiff competition with Neil Stitzer and Bart Leyko….Bart’s late navigational error gave me just the edge I needed to take 2nd place in that race.
Following Neil up the first climb...yes, I have my tongue hanging out...
Neil, me, and Bart up the initial climb...turned out to be the same order at the finish.
The 2nd race of the season was the Picketpost Punisher.  That day was marked by BRUTALLY strong winds and I basically ran out of motivation when I reached Superior…yeah, a DNF. LAME.

Our 3rd race, on my somewhat local shred was the McDowell Monstercross…This one is a favorite with a cluster fvck of the HAB up Tom’s Thumb, followed by dodging hikers on the descent, followed by many miles of easy Browns Ranch singletrack, followed by some typical rocky McDowell stuff…  managed to come in 3rd behind Bart and Tim…whoof, that one hurt.

Finally in January, the Antelope Peak Challenge that uses the 27 mile segment of the AZT from Tiger Mine Rd to Freeman Rd, followed by some big wide dirt road, followed by some WTF cow track called Painter Boy.  This race is such a kick in the nuts…if you really want to place well, you HAVE to climb Antelope Peak to get a time bonus…and since the time bonus is more than what it actually takes you to climb it…it’s well worth it…but holy crap.  There ain’t no trail up there…just scramble your way up.   In the end, a late effort to overtake Bob Monahan helped me get 3rd place…such fun.
Me just leaving the Tiger Mine TH
A rare selfie of me at the top of Antelope Peak

This year, there would be no Gila for me although Bart and I spent the day riding a loop that would have us encounter all the was a great day.

Last weekend, was one of the funnest races of the AES "season"...the Sedona Big Friggen pics unfortunately, but it turned out to be a great day...  Midway through, I had to backtrack and find a bathroom to make some hershey kisses, but in the end, it was fun.  I ended up playing a game of leapfrog with Krista Rust (Enduro pro racer) who would absolutely smoke the downhills and rocky bits, then I'd catch her on the ups...Not my best day on the bike, but non-the-less, any day riding in Sedona is WINNING.

Other than that nonsense, I've had some fun getting the Lynskey back in action with a rigid fork.  It's breathed some new life into it and made me learn some things about line choice and cornering. 
The Lynskey with a rigid fork

Yes, I do actually feel that way quite often..

And sometimes you just run out of talent and the earth punishes you
Cool singletrack

Cool trail in North Scottsdale

Top of Humboldt looking down at Horseshoe Lake

Sean at the top of of the great climbs north of here and perfect for the repurposed Lynskey
Another great place to ride the Lynskey... Land of the Lost

and finally, me with my angry pussy...gansta style...the anger has returned.