Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ripping Ripsey and Stalking the Gila100 Racers

With all the wildflowers starting to pop per the report from John S. and Jeff from two weeks ago, it was time to take a trip out there and see the sights.   I hadn't been on the AZT from Freeman Rd to Kelvin since my AZT300 run last April when so much of it goes by as if in "fast-forward" mode.  It just so happened that 1) Bart had never been out there before and 2) the Gila 100 race was that day.  So, with a nice little lollipop loop cooked up courtesy of John S loaded on the GPS's, we headed out to spend a great day on the AZT.
Whenever you follow a track from John Schilling, there is going to be some WTF moments....I should have known better

The first two racers, Neil Stitzer and Hunter Keating.  Both looking pretty fresh as they start the Boulders Segment

A few minutes back, Courtney Phillips, always in a great mood and having fun.

Gerrit Mack, two thumbs up, tongue out, and enjoying the day.

Max Morris, Jeff Hemperly, and Bob Monahan...a little overheated but survived Ripsey

Tim Leighton and Eugene Gonzalez making their way out of Ripsey Wash up to the Green Gate.

Steve Gibbs, sporting the latest fashion in man-bras.  Out of the deepest part of Ripsey Wash.

Josh and Holly, just starting to head up Ripsey...still in good spirits despite a long day so far.
So, that was all the racers that Bart was able to get a picture of...we did see Carlos Resto HABing up out of Ripsey.  He was all smiles and determined to get it done.
This being Barts first time on Ripsey, we snapped a few glamour shots...

Bart, feeling sleepy standing among the poppies on the Ripsey descent
Me on the top of Ripsey

 So, a great day in the desert was had.... Huge congrats to the Gila100 racers...that course chews people up and spits them out...finishing it is a giant accomplishment!
Thx to Bart for driving us there and taking pics.  If you haven't been out there, do it...The trail is in good shape; typical for AZT but the views are stupendous.