Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lynskey - Back in Action

Lynskey turned around my frame repair in a few days so with shipping on each end, I was basically out the bike for about 3 weeks. Got it back a week ago, reassembled it and took it out on a shakedown ride...sure enough, like an idiot, I used a broken BB cup spacer that midway through the ride, started to work it's way back out. Of course, had it come out, the cup would have been completely loose and a bb cup tool is not something I bring! Back home, I replaced it and today set out for a long ride on the AZT. Conditions were immaculate...damp soil, cool (46 degrees at the start). The unfinished section of AZT is pretty much done now although the trail crews look like they still have a bit of rock to move in some areas. The climb is a good one, from where it crosses SB road, it climbs from 7600ft up to 9000ft, all singletrack. Had an annoying creak anytime I really put power to the pedals which I later solved with a grease on the headset conical surfaces...amazing all the things that can make noises on a bike and I feel like I've developed the ability to diagnose things on the bike. Nothing destroys a good "zen" climbing experience than a creaking or clicking bike. I probably stopped 6 times to try and adjust things to make it stop. Oh well...another lesson learned...Anyway, still a great ride and good beatdown.

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