Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day of the (Dead) Dirt

Today(Saturday) was the first rain of the summer in Munds Park and probably the same for north of Flag...and man does the forest need it. Set out yesterday for not quite an epic, but a good 3 hour-ish ride to explore the AZT section as it crosses Snow Bowl road and heads north. Last week coming south the trail stopped and was largely unfinished. From the south, off of Snow Bowl road, it meanders up the slope before heading slightly west towards Big Leroux Spring.
In usual fashion, the crews have done a great job constructing the trail through the boulder fields and left many in place to keep it interesting. It looks like there's less than a half mile left to finish to connect the two sections. When it's finished sometime this summer and some rain packs in down a bit, it'll be another classic section of AZT.

A few more pics from the ride...

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