Sunday, March 18, 2012


As usual for mid-March is AZ, is the Annual Spring Fling where groups of mtbr's get together and ride some of the states best trails in what is usually the best weather around.  This year was no different except for Sunday when a front moved into the state and made things pretty damp.  I was able to get out both Friday and Saturday this year to put in a couple good back-to-back days of around 6 hours of riding each.  My friend from Canada Darren and I rode in Sedona on Friday where we did a variant of the AES Race loop starting and ending at the Bike&Bean.  43 miles in total, we rode some great single track that had plenty of techy spots that demanded balance and skill.  Both Darren and I obviously had lapses in both with he falling twice and me once.  No major carnage except a few scrapes thankfully.
On Saturday, we headed out for a long drive to Kelvin where the plan was an OnB of around 6 hours.  DougG joined us for this ride.  We headed across the bridge at Kelvin then proceeded to climb the mining road that will eventually be turned back into singletrack. That road climbs a fair bit then descends back down near the river level on some sketchy, steep singletrack bench cut into the hill.  All through the descent I kept thinking about how we'd have to climb back up this thing at the very end of the ride..uggh.  We rode on, making our way over to White Canyon and through some sections that were much improved since the last time we rode it back in December.   Finally at Red Mtn mine road, we proceeded north until we hit the 3 hour point and turned around.  2:45 or so later, we were back at the car, tired, thirsty and ready for chocolate milk and beer. 

A not-so-happy rattler...probably hungry from hibernation
A much friendlier snake

Doug and Darren - Darren is obviously looking for his sandwich

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